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Vascular & Interventional Associates

Board Certified Vein and Vascular Specialists serving the areas of Crestview Hills, KY, Northern Kentucky, and Cincinnati, OH

Welcome to Vascular & Interventional Associates

Vascular and Interventional Associates in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, is the only comprehensive vein, vascular, and spine center that serves patients throughout Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and beyond. The team of expert vascular and interventional physicians is the most experienced in the region, leading in the diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of venous, vascular, and spine diseases.

Vascular and Interventional Associates has performed thousands of successful minimally invasive procedures for patients in the Greater Cincinnati area. The practice treats a broad spectrum of venous, vascular and spine related disorders, including varicose veins, spider veins, venous obstruction, restless leg syndrome, peripheral artery disease, fibroids, tumors, compression fractures, and more.

The team at Vascular and Interventional Associates carefully selects a state-of-the-art procedure to resolve each patient's specific condition with minimal risk and downtime. The providers offer patient-focused consultations and treatments for routine and complex venous, vascular, and spine disorders.

For expert care with cutting-edge treatment, a world-class team, and the convenience of in-office vein, vascular and spine care, make an appointment with Vascular and Interventional Associates. Call the practice or use the online booking tool to schedule your visit today.

Innovative, Minimally Invasive, Targeted Therapies

We offer state-of-the-art, virtually painless, low risk, quick recovery procedures for your vein and vascular conditions 

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Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) affects around 20 percent of Americans over the age of 65. As cholesterol and scar tissue accumulate over the years, plaque builds up and begins to clog the arteries. This causes decreased blood flow to the lower body, leading to hip and leg pain and even requiring further medical attention at times.

In addition to discomfort, patients with PAD have increased risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Aortic aneurysm
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension

Know The Signs

The signs and symptoms of PAD are sometimes overlooked or mistaken for part of the normal aging process. Know what common symptoms to look for and contact us if you’re experiencing the following:

  • Painful leg cramping when walking that is relieved with rest
  • Leg numbness or burning sensations
  • Cold feet or toes
  • Dry and discolored skin on the feet and toes
  • Lower leg pain while at rest
  • Non-healing ulcer or chronic sore
  • Tissue loss or gangrene (black toes)

Why Choose Us?

Our team of fellowship-trained vascular physicians are experts in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. We provide patient-focused consultations and treatment, which means you are at the center of everything we do. The physicians at Vascular & Interventional Associates possess the expertise in both diagnostic imaging and arterial treatment that you should expect from your vascular specialists.

We utilize state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedures to treat your vascular disease. Our treatments are highly targeted, image-guided endovascular surgical procedures. Learn more about our minimally invasive treatment options here.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) is a safe non-surgical alternative to hysterectomy

  • No surgery
  • No general anesthesia
  • Typically a one night hospital stay
  • Return to work in about one week
  • Covered by most health insurance plan

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When Is Leg Swelling Cause for Concern?

Leg swelling often resolves on its own within a day or two. But if it lasts or it keeps coming back, it’s time to talk to a doctor. Find out more about when leg swelling is a cause for concern.

DVT: What You Need to Know
DVT: What You Need to Know

Persistent swelling in your legs could be a sign of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which means a blood clot has developed in your leg. Here’s a quick overview of DVT and what to do if you notice the signs.

5 Signs of Pelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome

Pelvic venous congestion syndrome causes blood flow problems that lead to a variety of unwelcome symptoms. Here are five signs you might be living with this condition — and what you can do about it.

Insurance Plans Accepted

For any coverage-related questions, please contact our office.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Custom Design Benefits (TPA)
GWH-Cigna (formerly Great West Healthcare)
Medical Mutual of Ohio
United Healthcare

Words from our patients

  • "Glad to have met Dr. Hurst who was able to find a diagnosis that no one else was able to discover. His knowledge is not to be taken for granted."

  • "Excellent experience. Can’t say enough about Dr. Hurst and the staff. So grateful."

  • "I felt very comfortable with Dr. Hurst, the staff and my procedure."

  • "Dr. Hurst is the nicest doctor I’ve meet and he spent a lot of time with me."

  • "I have had great care and concern by Dr. Lawler. Would definitely recommend this office for other people."

  • "Dr. Lawler is a great doctor and has wonderful staff. Thank you!"

  • "Dr. Lawler listened to me and made me feel comfortable and at ease."

  • "I have been greatly satisfied with Dr. Lawler and staff. The entire procedure was professionally executed. I would recommend VIA to any of my friends."

  • "Dr. Mikhail was personal and explained things well in a way I could understand."

  • "I’m very appreciative of the time spent and explanations. I feel confident in Dr Mikhail’s expertise."

  • "Thank you to everyone. It feels like I have brand new set of legs. Much thanks to Dr. Mikhail."

  • "My first visit with Dr. Mikhail was amazing – thorough and informative. I trust him with my life and would recommend his services to colleagues, family and friends."

  • "Dr. Mikhail is responsive and answers all my questions. He explains procedures and possible outcomes much better than any doctor I have had."

  • "My experience with Dr. Young was very positive, educational, and professional. I’m very pleased with the procedures results and Dr. Young’s care and expertise."

  • "I was pleased with everything, including Dr. Young and the staff. My legs are good now."

  • "Great doctor. He took his time and explained things well."

  • "Dr. Young was kind, knowledgeable and he corrected my problem."

  • "Everyone is so caring from the time you walk in, to the time you walk out. They all take their time to explain everything you need to know."

  • "Everyone I have met in this group are great people, great docs, and take great care of their patients."

  • "Very professional and kept me updated as procedure was being performed!!

  • "Dr. Wells took the extra time to make sure my injection was located properly. I was pleased with my visit with him."