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  • Jessica  Gardner
    Jessica Gardner
  • Kelly  Faillo
    Kelly Faillo
  • Courtney  Coffey
    Courtney Coffey
  • Caroline  Wise
    Caroline Wise
  • Lisa  Leonard
    Lisa Leonard
  • Jordan  Smith
    Jordan Smith
  • Kirsten  Babcock
    Kirsten Babcock

Words from our patients

  • "Glad to have met Dr. Hurst who was able to find a diagnosis that no one else was able to discover. His knowledge is not to be taken for granted."

  • "Excellent experience. Can’t say enough about Dr. Hurst and the staff. So grateful."

  • "I felt very comfortable with Dr. Hurst, the staff and my procedure."

  • "Dr. Hurst is the nicest doctor I’ve meet and he spent a lot of time with me."

  • "I have had great care and concern by Dr. Lawler. Would definitely recommend this office for other people."

  • "Dr. Lawler is a great doctor and has wonderful staff. Thank you!"

  • "Dr. Lawler listened to me and made me feel comfortable and at ease."

  • "I have been greatly satisfied with Dr. Lawler and staff. The entire procedure was professionally executed. I would recommend VIA to any of my friends."

  • "Dr. Mikhail was personal and explained things well in a way I could understand."

  • "I’m very appreciative of the time spent and explanations. I feel confident in Dr Mikhail’s expertise."

  • "Thank you to everyone. It feels like I have brand new set of legs. Much thanks to Dr. Mikhail."

  • "My first visit with Dr. Mikhail was amazing – thorough and informative. I trust him with my life and would recommend his services to colleagues, family and friends."

  • "Dr. Mikhail is responsive and answers all my questions. He explains procedures and possible outcomes much better than any doctor I have had."

  • "My experience with Dr. Young was very positive, educational, and professional. I’m very pleased with the procedures results and Dr. Young’s care and expertise."

  • "I was pleased with everything, including Dr. Young and the staff. My legs are good now."

  • "Great doctor. He took his time and explained things well."

  • "Dr. Young was kind, knowledgeable and he corrected my problem."

  • "Everyone is so caring from the time you walk in, to the time you walk out. They all take their time to explain everything you need to know."

  • "Everyone I have met in this group are great people, great docs, and take great care of their patients."

  • "Very professional and kept me updated as procedure was being performed!!

  • "Dr. Wells took the extra time to make sure my injection was located properly. I was pleased with my visit with him."