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How To Maintain Healthy Veins For Life

There are, unfortunately, many threats to healthy veins, but this does not mean vein disease is unavoidable. Vein problems are very common these days, and the more time you spend on this Earth, the more likely you are to develop varicose veins or other vein disease. Often, a number of causes and circumstances (rather than on single cause) come together to cause vein problems for an individual. Still, it’s not inevitable that you will experience vein problems, and many people develop only minor vein issues like spider veins. To avoid vascular disease and preserve your vein health, there are a few factors within your control (and some factors that are out of your control). Here are the main causes of vein disease and tips you use to prevent it.

Causes of Vascular Disease

What You Can Do to Keep Veins Healthy in OH and KY

Avoid bad habits like those mentioned above. Don’t stand or sit still for an extended time. Vary your routine and walk for ten minutes at various time in the day. Alternate standing and sitting, or at least flex your legs and feet, if you cannot walk around. Maintain leg muscles and good circulation with walking and exercise. Leg muscles help blood move back up from the lower legs to the heart and lungs, preventing ankle swelling and varicose veins. Exercise (and healthy eating) keep weight down and promote good circulation. Wear supportive shoes and/or support stockings if you have a “stand all day” job. Wear comfortabley loose clothing and protect your face and body from the sun.

Vein Treatment for Healthy Veins

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, some of us will develop varicose veins or other vein problems. That’s when expert vein treatment from our vascular surgeons in the Cincinnati area can help. Diagnosis rests on examination by an experienced vascular specialist, ultrasound imaging and/or x-rays. Treatment can begin with conservative measures like compression stockings. Your local vein doctors also have a variety of minimally invasive, quick and effective treatments options to restore healthy veins. With most treatments, there is no pain and no downtime (or time off work) to worry about.

See Your Vein Doctor in Cincinnati and Northern KY to Maintain Healthy Veins

At VIA Vein Center, (Vascular & Interventional Associates Vein Center) we treat all types of vascular disease from mild to severe. To ensure your vein health, call for an appointment. Reach us at 859-286-7333 today!

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