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Can Spider Veins Cause Bruising?

Many patients at our Cincinnati vein treatment center are concerned about spider veins and bruises. They also wonder if these two things are linked. Tiny spider veins are sometimes called broken capillaries, and they are in fact broken, abnormal veins. Usually the biggest problem associated with spider veins is unsightliness. This is especially true since spider veins, although they can be found anywhere on the body, tend to occur on the face (cheeks or nose) and chest. Spider vein bruising can soon be a thing of the past, however. After Cincinnati vein treatment, most patients are extremely pleased with their results, as seen in our Before & After photos. 

How Do Bruises Form?

A bruise is the result of bleeding beneath your skin. This can happen any time a blood vessel in your body is irritated or injured. Often, the spider veins are not to blame on their own—other varicose or irritated veins near the area can be contributing factors to your bruises. If you injure your skin, even in a tiny way (for instance, scrubbing your face hard when you wash) you can get bleeding under the skin; also known as a bruise.

Can I Get Bruising from Laser Vein Treatment? 

In order to treat your spider veins, unfortunately, we must irritate them. In fact, we vaporize them or collapse them so that the body can dispose of them. There is the risk of bruising from laser vein treatment. Our experience allows us to complete many spider vein treatments without causing bruising, but sometimes a temporary bruise and skin discoloration is unavoidable. The best way to avoid a bruise after Cincinnati vein treatment is to choose an experienced vein doctor. Experience leads to better technique when treating spider veins, so you have much less chance of a bruise when you visit a top vein clinic like our VIA Vein Center. Check out our Before & After gallery to see some of our excellent results and happy patients.

How to Prevent Spider Vein Bruising 

To avoid spider veins (and varicose veins) on your face, legs and other parts of the body, heed these tips:

Get Laser Vein Treatment in the Cincinnati Area

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