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Can I Avoid Spider Veins Completely?

Can I Avoid Spider Veins Completely?

Spider veins come with good news and bad news. The good news? They’re usually harmless. Most people have these visible veins with no other symptoms. The bad news? Once you get them, they affect the appearance of your skin. Many people find them embarrassing or distracting and do what they can to cover them up.

If you’re bothered by spider veins, you probably want to know if there’s a way to completely avoid them. Unfortunately, there isn’t. But if you do get them, our expert providers here at Vascular & Interventional Associates can clear them from your skin. 

In fact, we offer specialized spider vein treatment right here at our office in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, to people throughout northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati, Ohio, area who want to get rid of these visible veins.

Spider vein causes and prevention

So, why can’t you completely avoid spider veins? Some of the causes of these problem veins fall outside of your control. For example, aging, hormones, and a family history of spider veins can all contribute to their development. 

That said, you can lower your risk of getting spider veins by avoiding some of their other contributing factors. Maintaining a healthy weight goes a long way toward preventing the development of these veins. Staying active also helps to support healthy circulation, avoiding problem veins. 

These aren’t the only daily choices to play a role, either. Try to avoid crossing your legs when you sit, which can put added strain on your veins and contribute to spider veins. 

If you have a job or hobby that requires you to stand for long periods, try to sit down every 30 minutes to take some pressure off of your legs. Conversely, if you sit for work or leisure, get up and walk around every half-hour. Mixing up your positions helps prevent blood from pooling in your legs, minimizing your risk of developing spider veins. 

Wearing compression socks and elevating your legs when you’re resting can also help you avoid spider veins. 

What to do if you get spider veins

If you do notice these visible veins, come in to see our Vascular & Interventional Associates team. We offer a specialized, minimally invasive treatment called sclerotherapy to permanently eliminate spider veins. 

With this option, we use a tiny needle to inject a sclerosing agent into the spider vein. This causes the vein to seal shut, especially when paired with a compression garment. 

Once the vein closes, your body redirects blood flow to other, healthy veins and your body slowly absorbs the old damaged vein. You should notice the spider vein fading within a few weeks.

Depending on the size and location of your spider veins, you may need several treatments to see ideal results. Our team can tailor your sclerotherapy to help you reach your goals. 

To learn more about spider veins or how you can eliminate yours, call the Vascular & Interventional Associates office or request an appointment online today.

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