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Are Spider Veins Dangerous to My Health?

Are Spider Veins Dangerous to My Health?

Your body has blood vessels of different sizes. You might think the smallest — your capillaries — would be the ones to worry about the least, but they can cause a specific type of problem. When these networks of small veins become visible under the surface of your skin, they’re called spider veins.

At that point, you might be wondering if your spider veins are something you need to worry about. Fortunately, they aren’t dangerous to your health. They do, however, create a cosmetic concern for a lot of people. That’s why our providers at Vascular & Interventional Associates, offer spider vein treatment to patients throughout northern Kentucky and in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

Understanding spider veins

Spider veins develop when you can see the capillaries through your skin — generally a dark red, blueish, or purple color. They become visible because blood is flowing backward through them due to faulty valves within the blood vessel. This causes blood to pool and enlarges the vein enough that you can see it.

Spider veins branch out like a tree or a spider’s web, which is where they get their name. They’re most common on your legs and face. 

Spider veins are related to the more serious varicose veins. The key thing that differentiates spider veins from varicose veins is that spider veins occur in your capillaries, your smallest blood vessels. That means they don’t pose a risk to your overall health. 

When to talk to a doctor about your veins

That doesn’t mean your damaged veins can never be dangerous, however. If you develop varicose veins in larger blood vessels, the twisted and enlarged vein can cause problems. Specifically, varicose veins can contribute to ulcers and blood clots. They could also indicate that you have chronic venous insufficiency

Just like spider veins, varicose veins usually develop on your legs. It could be a sign that your veins aren’t working the way they should if your legs:

At Vascular & Interventional Associates, we offer minimally invasive, safe, and effective treatment to eliminate smaller spider veins and other larger, potentially more problematic varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is an injection-based option that gets rid of the damaged, visible vein by sealing it, causing your body to route blood through healthier blood vessels that you can’t see.

If you have any concerns about your veins — cosmetically or as a possible danger to your health — don’t hesitate to talk to our experts. Call our office in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, or request an appointment online today.

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